About Me

My connection & love for aviation started back in the 70’s when my dad decided to build a Marquart Charger (N-10FT) My Dad finished building the airplane in 1982 and flew it as often has he possibly could until he sold it in around 2008.  Building this plane was a labor of love.  There was no kit, no internet, no email, face book, cell phone etc.  Instead he had a set of plans and would write or call Ed Marquart who designed this airplane and ask for ideas if he ever got stuck.  Ed also gave my Dad the names of other folks who were building or had already built this airplane so that my dad could get tips or help if he got stuck.  The wings were just about all wood and the fusalage was just about all metal.  My dad built the wings first and then moved onto building the fuselage.  He started construction in Phoenix Arizona and completed it in Montrose Colorado.  As of now I think there have been over 100 Marquart Charges (MA-5) built.  I think my dad completed number 7 but don’t quote me on that.  I remember flying in the airplane over Montrose Colorado as I was in elementary school,  taxiing it in some parade in Montrose Colorado.  Flying it from Montrose to Phoeinx Arizona and many other short trips.