The goal of this site is to help make the costs associated with owning and operating an airplane easy enough for anyone to understand.  I also want to highlight the differences and advantages – disadvantages of buying a new airplane or buying the same type of airplane that might have been built 50 years ago.  My goal is to start by analyzing the costs associated with owning a Cessna 172 and continuing analyzing a new type of airplane every week.  Even though this site is titled jet-cost.net I don’t want to limit this site to just Jet / Turbo Prop aircraft.  Eventually I want to accurately break down and show the costs of owning everything from a Piper Cub to a Beechcraft King Air and maybe a GolfStream.  Of course if you are shopping for a Golfstream money probably is not too much of a limited resource.  I also want to add links to various resources ranging from classified ads for airplanes to banks and other sources of financing.  Anyway please stay tuned for updates and new resources that will hopefully be coming soon.

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